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The Good:  Incredible, versatile and scrumptious.
The Bad: It's really hard to make sushi without rolling mats.
The Ugly: It is difficult to find rolling mats in rural areas.

Suggestions before starting:
If you want to use the same roller multiple times, cover it in plastic wrap and remove when done.
The vinegar we use is rice vinegar but you can use any type of white vinegar.
Before pressing down the rice, it helps to dip your fingers in water so the rice does not stick to your fingers.
The ingredients listed here are for a version of Philadelphia rolls (without avocado). You can feel free to use whatever ingredients/seasonings you like!
We suggest peeling the cucumber.
If you use raw fish do your research well before preparing your sushi. There are certain techniques that you need to use to protect yourself!

Wicked Sushi

  • Rice (3 cups uncooked, 6 cooked)
  • 4 Tbs. Vinegar
  • 4 Tbs. Sugar                                                                                   
  • 2 tsp. Salt
  • Rolling Mat                                                                  
  • Nori Wraps (Seaweed)
  • Cream Cheese
  • Crab Meat (Imitation, precooked)
  • Cucumber
1. Cook rice as package directs.
2. Mix vinegar, sugar and salt thoroughly into rice while still hot.  Fluff with fork.
3. Let cool.  Rice should be sticky.
4. While rice is cooling, cut crab meat, cucumber, and cream cheese so they are in long strips.

5. Once rice has cooled, place Nori on rolling mat with the shiny side down.
6. After dipping hands in water scoop out rice and firmly press onto Nori.
7. Line edge of nori with the edge of the mat closest to you.

(step 6, this is a view from the side)
8. Place ingredients on top of rice in a line about 2 inches from the edge that is facing you.

9. Time to roll! Grab the mat from underneath with your thumbs while clamping the nori with your other fingers. Start to fold the mat from the end closest to you, covering the ingredients with the rice and nori and making sure to wrap everything tightly. Use your thumbs to roll, and your fingers to secure by squeezing along the length of the roll.

Oops... the cream cheese is actually escaping here.

10. Once you fold the wrap over the ingredients tightly, unroll the mat (the partially-rolled sushi will be exposed). Re-align the edge of the roll with the edge of the open mat. Once you do this, you can start rolling again (repeat step 9 using the thumb-finger squeezing technique). Continue until the sushi is completely rolled, making sure to squeeze firmly as you roll.

11. Un-roll the mat, leaving the complete sushi roll ready to slice.

12. To slice the sushi, simply use a large unserrated knife (you need to make sure it's sharp). Hold the roll with one hand, and slide the length of the knife gently back and forth with the other hand, letting the weight of the knife cut the roll. Be sure to use a clean knife each cut. If you splash some water on the knife before you slice, it makes cutting a bit easier.

13. Once you are finished slicing (we like to make them about 1 inch thick or so), place them on a dish to serve. You can dip them in soy sauce, serve them with some ginger and wasabi, or anything else you can think of to garnish them.

Look! These are sprinkled with ginger.... mmmmm


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