Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tomato Artichoke Chicken

Delicious... scrumptious... succulent...

The Good: This is definitely one of our new favorite recipes! Absolutely tasteful!
The Bad:  If you are someone who likes every recipe to measure out according to plan, it won't.
The Ugly: If you are also using a Casseround... it is incredible difficult to wash the cheese off.

Suggestions before starting:
Although this recipe says to stuff the chicken, we used some of the extra stuffing to layer the chicken almost like a lasagna.
I think it is crucial to use fresh spices to get the full flavor from this recipe.  Depending on the size of your cloves of garlic, you may want to add extra cloves.
When dishing out, we used a slotted spoon so it was not too juicy and served with pasta covered with the extra juice.
We had a large portion of the stuffing left over, we saved it to use as a marinara.  It could also be used for lasagna, meatloaf or stuffing any other type of meat.  It is very versatile and tasty.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Delicate, with a hint of chocolaty coffee, Tiramisu is an incredible Italian dessert.

The Good:  Although this is traditionally an Italian dish, it goes well after any meal.  Its refreshing and easy to make.
The Bad:  Sometimes it can be hard to find Mascarpone cheese and lady fingers.
The Ugly: This unfortunately is not a dish that you can eat immediately after preparing.  It has a long cooling period, including a one hour cooling period after step one.

Suggestions before starting:
The recipe calls for a 7x11 pan.  We used a 9 x 13 and it was still delicious.
If you are unable to find lady fingers I have found recipes that use vanilla wafers.  Please remember this will change the consistency because lady fingers are very delicate, whereas, vanilla wafers are heavier.